Alzheimer’s Society call for action for people living with dementia

The Alzheimer’s society have today launched an online petition to ensure that home care workers caring for people living with dementia have the correct training to deal with the situations that they face.

They state that “Right now 400,000 people living with dementia in England are relying on homecare workers to help them wash, get dressed, eat and take their medication.

But our investigation has shown a complete lack of dementia training for homecare workers. People affected by dementia told us of being left terrified at home in soiled clothes, surviving without hot meals and even missing vital medication.

The homecare system is failing thousands of people with dementia. Good homecare can transform peoples’ quality of life and could mean the difference between staying in your own home and being rushed to a hospital or moved into a care home.”

If you would like to support their campaign, you can find the petition here.