In conjunction with Tenterden Town Council and the Ashford Volunteer Centre, we are looking at the provision of a community transport service for Tenterden and the surrounding villages.

  • Are you, or is anyone you know or care for, struggling to get into the town to do shopping/banking/go to appointments because the bus service isn’t frequent enough? Do you have trouble getting to the bus stop? Do you struggle to get on to the bus and need accessible transport to be able to get on and off?
  • Are you a member of a local club or community group that needs transport to get to outings/meetings/competitive events?
  • Are you a commuter going to Headcorn station by bus? Do you often find that the train arrives after the bus has already left? Do you use your car but would use a bus service if it was more reliable?
  • Are you a young person that cannot go to clubs and activities in Tenterden in the evenings and at weekends because you can’t get home again afterwards due to lack of bus services?

IF ANY OF THE ABOVE APPLY TO YOU, WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. The more evidence we have that these things are needed, the more chance we have of getting grants to set the service up. We need to renew some of our fleet of accessible minibuses and purchase extra to be able to run the scheme. Please help us to help you by emailing your comments to